Member Benefits

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Kym Dennis | Trane Commercial Systems

IFMA membership provides benefits and opportunities essential to:

  • Managing your facilities more efficiently.
  • Leading teams and workplace projects.
  • Defining your career path and meeting your objectives.
  • Increasing your marketability in a competitive field.
  • Contributing to the success of the business you support.

Membership in the DFW IFMA Chapter takes all this to the local level. And we offer an all-inclusive dues structure that covers your annual Chapter Membership fee plus your attendance at the majority of our regular monthly meetings. This eliminates you being out of pocket for monthly expenses that many companies do not reimburse.

The Board of Directors is tasked with maximizing the benefit of your membership by providing exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities that enhance your experience as a professional. We strive to provide, now and in the future, local experiences and opportunities that meet and/or exceed your expectations.

Annual Chapter Dues

Associates $300
Professionals $225
Young Professionals $175
Retired $50
Students $50
Standard Monthly Meetings No Charge

Pay-as-you-go events include the Golf Tournament, FMexpo, IFME Awards Banquet and Holiday Party.

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